Sunday, June 28, 2009

In this moment:: weekend seven

In this moment

I am:: finally finding the rhythm of summer. And it involves a lot of this

and this

and, of course, this.

I am:: still smiling about a week spent with friends, new and old and in between. Dinners and play dates, girls nights and coffee breaks. Also, am realizing I don't talk and shoot pictures very well, which is why I have no options to illustrate my point.

I am:: loving the morning-till-night hours spent playing outside that make falling asleep, mid-book, on the couch, a daily event.

I am:: probably gaining five pounds a week from eating ice cream cones. But when you live in a town where it is normal to see kids eat ice cream in their pajamas-- on Main Street-- well, it just. can't. be. helped.

I am:: remembering to be awed by the fact that this is my life. While there are reasons to think about leaving-- jobs, lower costs of living, less seasonally-driven work-- the fact remains: we are still here. We choose this place because of the way we become extensions of water, woods, fields, beaches.

We choose this place because of the colors sunsets splash across our children's faces,

the way sand is always in the sheets,

the way we know our roots have dug into the earth, deep and rich with gratitude.


  1. From another watery, sandy home... Beautiful!!

  2. How beautiful it is there! I'm loving all those shots of adorable Elizabeth in her pjs. :) Your kids look like they are having a great summer.

  3. I think you are an amazing photographer - and writer for that matter. Your life is romantic to me thank to all your posts. With that said - we have mutual friends who I just went the Indigo Girls concert with on Friday - Sarah, Holly, Rachel, Kate...

  4. wishing my sheets were sandy. :)

  5. I'm wishing my sheets were sandy too. I could live with that. *sigh*

    Hey, I left you an award at my blog, should you choose to accept it. I know you're only doing the 'In this moment' posts right now, but if you'd like to participate, I'd love to see your list.

  6. I am sure that winters are rough up in your neck of the woods.... but don't the SUMMERS make up for it!! Love the pictures - it is all breath takingly beautiful!!

  7. One mighty life you're growing.

    Love the relent on pajama rules. Mine weren't dressed 'til after lunch today and to see them hang from jungle gym in pj's, well, you'd think they'd come across pirate treasure.

  8. Kate, You capture moments in words and images, so beautifully and gracefully.

    And, look at that little angle in her pj's.



  9. what a beautiful blog you have
    off to peruse.

  10. mmm I can relate to what you are writing about so very much. And I appreciate your title of this post "In this moment" that is certainly what it is all about our motto is 'be here now'